Former “Equine Trecking Cente”

A photo taken for posterity. This former “Equine Trecking Cente” (sic) on Dikes Lane below Gribdale Terrace has planning permission to be converted into a “Cycle Hire Shop, Cafe and Holiday Accommodation”.

It was built in 1973 as an equine trekking centre with car parking for 20 cars but I can not remember it ever being used as such. Full details of the plans can be found here.

There have been local concerns that the parking will be insufficient and overflow onto the lane. Another objection has been about the water supply. Apparently Gribdale Terrace has a private water supply that is administered by the Gribdale Water Trust, a trust that is granted under licence to extract and supply water for domestic use only. To overcome this a borehole 60 metres deep is proposed.
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