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50 years ago today the Cleveland Way was officially opened …

50 years ago today the Cleveland Way was officially opened to become the second National Trail in England and Wales after the Pennine Way. Starting from Helmsley the route covers a distance of 109 miles along the edge of the Cleveland Hills to Saltburn before heading south along the coast to Filey. So happy birthday, Cleveland Way.

Roseberry Topping is one of the many landmarks on the route. This morning the trig point on the summit was adorned by a wreath and English flag, It wasn’t there on Sunday so I assume it was placed on Wednesday, the anniversary of the killing of the British Army soldier, Fusilier Lee Rigby near the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich in 2013.

Which leaves me in a quandary. As a volunteer for the National Trust, I try to keep Roseberry litter free. But what to do about vernacular memorials such as this? How long would it be respectful to leave? In a few days, the flowers (they are real) will start to wither, but the foam backing and flag will stay there forever unless someone removes it.

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  1. John Severs avatar
    John Severs

    That’s a difficult one to judge when the time is right to remove it, showing respect to Lee Rigby. On a vaguely similar subject but not a memorial, I’ve noticed that the disused bus shelter at white cross Commondale has now become a canvas for graffiti ‘artists’. I wonder who claims ownership of the structure, maybe the parish council ? I think it’s time it was demolished. I always look forward to receiving your posts and photos.

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