Cora Linn

Just above the dramatic Falls of Clyde. William Wallace country. His cave where he hid after fleeing from the English is said to overlook the Cora Linn. Along with several other locations throughout Scotland. Linn means a pool and Cora is said to be a daughter of Malcolm II who reigned in the eleventh century, 200 years before Wallace. The princess was riding with a hunting party and found herself alone in the forest. She came upon a young man who was struck by her beauty. He tried to seize her but she managed to escape with the youth in pursuit. Suddenly she saw a precipice ahead but she was unable to stop her horse from falling over into the pool below and over the Falls of Clyde. Of course, the etymologists spoil things. They say Cora comes from currach meaning a marshy area. But I would say that is not a particularly good description of the river at this point.
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