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Holloway, Faceby Plantation

What must be an old forgotten track climbing the escarpment onto the moors through Faceby Plantation. It must be an ancient route. But leading to where? It seems to head towards the Public Footpath and linear earthwork which tops the skyline on Live Moor at Road Head above the spring with the delightful name of Copperty Keld. A plantation existed in the mid-19th century so I suspect the holloway was formed many centuries before that by the action of the sledging down of peat, stone, turf and bracken from the moors for the villagers of Faceby. In more recent times mountain bikers have made use of the gulley but this year’s leaf fall has almost buried their ramps and berms.

Faceby is recorded in the Domesday Book, its name derives from Old Norse meaning “the settlement of Feit”. In pre-history and a milder climate, Live Moor was a particularly active place of human habitation. There is evidence of a promontory fort, round barrows and ancient field systems.

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4 responses to “Holloway, Faceby Plantation”

  1. Chris Twigg avatar

    Theres extensive jet mining to the east of that location. Not that it should have required any major tracks

    1. Fhithich avatar


  2. Bob Howe avatar
    Bob Howe

    There’s also signs of an enclosure on Gold Hill at GR 017510 which could possibly have warranted an access way

    1. Fhithich avatar

      Yes, it’s mapped as a “summerhouse” on one old map. Just a few stones now. Hard to discern any order.

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