A view from Turkey Nab across lower Kildale

Earlier this year, on January 29 a dead buzzard was found “on top of a dry-stone wall, next to a layby on the Kildale to Commondale road near Percy Rigg”. The RSPB and the police were informed and the bird was sent off for toxicology tests which came back in July saying the likely cause of death was chloralose poisoning, often used to kill mice. Yesterday, the 8th October North Yorkshire Police issued an appeal for information. The case raises many questions, not least why it has taken so long from finding the dead bird to carrying out the tests to issuing an appeal. The buzzard did not die where it was found, someone must have placed it there but who and why?

If you can shed any light as to this buzzard’s death please contact the North Yorkshire Police quoting reference number 12180127114.
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