Paddy Waddell’s Railway

Paddy Waddell’s Railway was never built. A pipedream project beset with problems from the outset, politics and competition from other railway companies. The official name would have been The Cleveland Extension Mineral Railway and link the ironstone mines at Glaisdale with the North East Railway at Skelton. The embankment and cutting on the left were some of the few sections that were actually built in the 1870s but no track was ever laid. The main contractor for the line was John Waddell & Sons of Edinburgh, a respectable company, who were also involved with building the Scarborough and Whitby railways. Site supervision was under an Irish engineer named Gallaher who was referred locally as Mr. Waddell hence the route became known as Paddy Waddell’s Railway. After several false starts the project was rekindled in 1896 but nothing ever came of it and it was abandoned for good.

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  1. I have never seen any thing about the start of the railway at Kilton in the fork to Kilton mine and Lingdale mine just up from bridge parapet leading of is a cutting unfinished

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