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Wreck of a buoy, Cattersty Sands

Cattersty Sands near Skinningrove was selected as the 25th best beach in Britain according to the Telegraph, so take what you want from that. On a wet and very windy Easter Monday, it was absolutely deserted, apart from a handful of dog walkers. This wreck is an old buoy, supposedly washed up in the 1950s complete with a brass bell which quickly disappeared. Sometime later several WW2 mines were also washed up and the Royal Navy was called in to destroy them. Apparently, according to local legend, the RN had some explosives left over which were “out of date” so used them up on the buoy but obviously, they only managed half a job. I can not remember from where I picked up that snippet of information from but it sounds good. Behind on the left, the clay coloured spoil is a recent slump from the unstable cliffs reminding us that the sea is forever eating away at Yorkshire’s coastline.

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2 responses to “Wreck of a buoy, Cattersty Sands”

  1. Phillip avatar

    I’m hoping to move the buoy to the rock pools to encourage sealife to grow in the area

    1. Fhithich avatar

      Good idea.

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