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The “Beast from the East” arrived in North Yorkshire as a lamb. No worse than a normal winter. In The Sun today there is an article about thundersnow, apparently a rare phenonmena in the UK when thunderstorms occurs in cold winter air and rain falls as snow. This may well have been the front of a storm. Blue skies and sunshine on Roseberry, but ten minutes later it would be white out. I saw no lightning nor heard any thunder but then all sound is suppressed by the snow. View from the flank of Roseberry looking to Great Ayton Moor across Slack’s Wood.

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2 responses to “Thundersnow?”

  1. Bob Howe avatar
    Bob Howe

    The Beast was loose on top of Roseberry last night about 7ish. Bref & I met it!

    1. Fhithich avatar

      Looking forward to meeting Emma

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