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Month: July 2018

  • Ingleby Manor Ironstone Mine

    Ingleby Manor Ironstone Mine

    Armed with a six-digit grid reference I have twice tried to locate the remains of the Ingleby Manor Ironstone Mine, and twice failed. The grid reference I obtained from the Catalogue of Cleveland Ironstone Mines by Peter Tuffs, the guru of local industrial archaeology. It was with trepidation then to discover it was to be…

  • Yarm Castle

    Yarm Castle

    There is documentary evidence that Yarm did indeed once have a castle. There was a gift of land to the hospital of St. Nicholas, juxta castellarium. A castellarium is the precinct or jurisdiction of a castle and juxta or iuxta is Latin for alongside. The hospital itself was founded by the wealthy and powerful de…

  • Blue Lake

    Blue Lake

    Not really a lake and definitely not blue, more of a mucky brown. It is, of course, a small dam and the blue refers to the blue colour it was said to be because of the salts of alum that leached into the water. It was built in 1880 by Sir Joseph Whitwell Pease to…

  • Oakdale


    A weathered sign: “Oakdale Reservoir a source of Yorkshire Water” but now decommissioned and transformed into a wildlife lake, passed by The Cleveland Way. And a memory evoking view. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • The Wainstones

    The Wainstones

    Making the most of a break in the lightning and storms, a quick trip up to the Wainstones. Still very humid though. Nice to see the ling beginning to bloom. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Ann Feversham Memorial

    Ann Feversham Memorial

    I have had a whinge about vernacular memorials many times before. The proliferation of benches on Roseberry, words carved into the rock face on Easby Moor and bunches of flowers wrapped in cellophane which remains long after the flowers have died. On the nose of Cockayne Ridge overlooking Bransdale is another memorial. A non-descript square…

  • Carr Ridge

    Carr Ridge

    A lovely summer’s evening. Nicely cooling off. On Carr Ridge on Urra Moor. The Public Bridleway down Jackson’s Bank passes between a pair of flat stones, an obvious landmark, which surprisingly are un-named. roseberry is somewhere on the horizon. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Synchronised swimming

    Synchronised swimming

    Except that one member of the quintet needs a bit more practice. Canada geese are more often associated with larger bodies of water but this flock has taken up residence on the River Leven by the Low Green in the village. And already there are complaints about their droppings on the green. Canada geese are…

  • Newlands Valley

    Newlands Valley

    Newlands Beck meandering down the dale from its head below the appropriately named 753m high summit Dale Head. In the distance the prominent Causey Pike, a tortuous climb from this direction. The spoil heaps far left are from Goldscope Mine, one of the earliest mines in the area documented back to 1564, the year Shakespeare…

  • Ard Gill

    Ard Gill

    Cloud base about 500m. I no longer find interest in bagging summits shrouded in mist so I opted for a circuit just dipping in and out of the cloud. On Ard Crags a break revealed the spectacular Ard Gill falling down to Keskadale Farm. Magic. Open Space Web-Map builder Code