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Month: February 2018

  • On Ayton Bank

    On Ayton Bank

    The last day of February and I had had tentative thoughts of cycling into Middlesbrough to photograph the Newport Bridge for it was on this day in 1934 that the bridge was opened by the future King George VI. But more snow overnight put paid to that idea, so Plan B: head up on to…

  • Thundersnow?


    The “Beast from the East” arrived in North Yorkshire as a lamb. No worse than a normal winter. In The Sun today there is an article about thundersnow, apparently a rare phenonmena in the UK when thunderstorms occurs in cold winter air and rain falls as snow. This may well have been the front of…

  • Tarn Hows

    Tarn Hows

    Monday mornings have always made me feel dysphoric. Not in the clinical sense but if Friday afternoons are full of euphoria because the weekend is near, then Mondays are back to reality. And the feeling is now ingrained, even though I no longer have to get up to go to work. In North Yorkshire, grey…

  • Brim Fell Ridge

    Brim Fell Ridge

    View north from the Old Man of Coniston. Brim Fell and Swirl How. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Rose Castle

    Rose Castle

    Near Tarn Hows and an opportunity to experiment with star trails in the dark skies of the Lake District away from the light pollution of town and cities. I only had enough battery power for the one trial. For the technically minded I took 30 photos of about 2 secs exposure then used a fancy…

  • Elterwater from Black Fell

    Elterwater from Black Fell

    Above Skelwith Bridge. Black Fell is a little frequented National Trust property. Looking north west towards the lower Langdale valley. The twin lakes are in fact one – Elterwater. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Xanthoria aureola

    Xanthoria aureola

    A splash of colour by the side of the Cleveland Way in the winter sunshine. Easily overlooked but deserving a closer inspection. Lichens fascinate me but I admit I am lost when it comes to naming and hesitate to put a name to this. Xanthoria aureola is a likely candidate, there are other contenders, same…

  • Raven’s Scar

    Raven’s Scar

    A north facing sandstone crag overlooking Great Broughton on Hasty Bank. On the 1857 map named as Baven’s Scar which I think must have been an error. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Swainby Shooting House

    Swainby Shooting House

    Just over a year to the day (well three days actually) and I find myself again at this remote spot on the vast expanse of heather moorland to the east of Osmotherley. But what a difference in the weather. Clag down and a heavy drizzle. The shooting house stands at a height of 319m above…

  • Siberia


    Greenhow Botton, often known as Midnight Corner. Felling has opened up new views. Not such a gloomy place. And somewhere in the cleared forest stood the temporary construction camp for the Ingleby Manor ironstone mine. It was named as Siberia and later reused for construction workers of the railway incline to Rosedale. Open Space Web-Map…