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  • Ulpha and the Traveller’s Rest Inn

    Ulpha and the Traveller’s Rest Inn

    I’m still recounting my adventures in the Lake District last weekend. Monday turned out to be a real gloomy one, with clouds hanging low and some drizzle here and there. I reckon I caught a glimpse of the sun once, but those rugged hilltop views remained elusive. As I descended from the murky heavens, the…

  • Seathwaite Tarn

    Seathwaite Tarn

    Nestling in the cupped embrace of the Coniston Fells lies Seathwaite Tarn, all glittery and serene. It’s wrapped up by a wild autumn tapestry of dull olive, blazing copper, and pale maroon, sprinkled with a hint of grey cliffs and little patches of piney green. The fickle sky’s in a sullen mood, draping the shadowy…

  • The ghost of Frith Hall

    The ghost of Frith Hall

      A handful of days nestled within the charming embrace of the Duddon Valley in the Lakes, a forced separation from the digital world. I’ve passed through Ulpha on numerous occasions in the past, en route to Eskdale and the lofty central fells. Yet, a few days in this tranquil dale have unveiled a treasure…

  • OMM Campsite Cockley Beck

    OMM Campsite Cockley Beck

    I didn’t post yesterday. For several reasons, not least because I had spent the day high on the Central Fells in horizontal rain, 60 mph winds and zero visibility, it just wasn’t the right day for taking photos. I did get the camera out once but the lens had a film of water on it.…

  • Caw Slate Mine

    Caw Slate Mine

    Fit for nothing today after yesterday’s exertions so I thought I would be justified in posting another photo from yesterday. This is Caw Slate Mine on the western slope of Caw, a 529m peak on the Coniston Fells. The view is north across the Duddon valley with Harter Fell the obvious peak left of centre.

  • Where was I today?

    Where was I today?

    On the Lake District Mountain Trial so somewhere in the Lakes. But where? A reservoir, although a tarn existed before it was enlarged at the turn of the twentieth century. Apparently there was a riot amongst its construction workers when several were shot including one fatality. Quite peaceful today. No prizes only the kudos of being a…