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Category: Bransdale Moor

  • ‘THIS may be called a Bee country’

    ‘THIS may be called a Bee country’

    THIS may be called a Bee country;— especially the Morelands, and the northern margin of the Vale ; where great numbers of bees have been usually kept, and great quantities of honey collected ; chiefly from the flowers of the heath, which afford an abundant supply ; but the produce is of an inferior quality;…

  • Ann Feversham Memorial

    Ann Feversham Memorial

    I have had a whinge about vernacular memorials many times before. The proliferation of benches on Roseberry, words carved into the rock face on Easby Moor and bunches of flowers wrapped in cellophane which remains long after the flowers have died. On the nose of Cockayne Ridge overlooking Bransdale is another memorial. A non-descript square…

  • High Lidmoor

    High Lidmoor

    Job done, time for a bit of rest and recuperation for these pair of tups at High Lidmoor in Bransdale. A view northeast across the lush green intake fields alongside Shaw Beck to the bleak moorland of Shaw Ridge. Open Space Web-Map builder Code