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Category: Stockton-on-Tees

  • Battle Of Stockton Campaign, Green Dragon Yard

    Battle Of Stockton Campaign, Green Dragon Yard

    Headed down to Stockton-on-Tees today to attend the “Battle Of Stockton” commemoration. This is a somewhat largely forgotten episode from the annals of Teesside’s history when 2-300 fascists organised by the British Union of Fascists and arrived by bus from Tyneside, Manchester and Lancashire to march through along Stockton High Street. The protest was met…

  • Leven Falls

    Leven Falls

    In search of the “Leven Falls” somewhere downstream of Hutton Rudby. I recall reading of its existence in at least one guide book to Cleveland. Apparently, it was a popular Edwardian picnic spot. The falls are located just a few hundred metres downstream from Foxton Bridge, a crossing of the Leven which I have done…

  • Battle of Stockton

    Battle of Stockton

    Not my usual haunt but as today is the anniversary of the Battle of Stockton and I had an errand nearby I thought why not. The Battle of Stockton? I hear you ask, what’s this, some obscure skirmish in the English civil war? No, far more recent. In 1933 Britain was in the midst of…

  • Infinity Bridge

    Infinity Bridge

    An evening paddle up the Tees with the Stockton & Thornaby Canoe Club. The Infinity Bridge was opened in 2009 at a cost of £15m. It gets its name from the infinity symbol ( ∞ ) that the bridge makes with it’s reflection. Even the slightest breeze spoils the effect.