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  • The Scugdale ‘Loop’

    The Scugdale ‘Loop’

    I was interested to read of a Neolithic “ritualised route” around Scugdale that was published in the journal of the Teesside Archaeological Society The authors conjecture that the route starts at Sheep Wash near the Cod Beck reservoir, climbs the Red Way estate track on to Near Moor, and follows the skyline of Scugdale eastwards…

  • Live Moor promontory fort

    Live Moor promontory fort

    A small Bronze Age fort on the north-west corner of Live Moor, more often called Knolls End. Within spitting distance of the Cleveland Way and Coast to Coast footpaths but no Information Boards adorn the site. It was only “discovered” in 1979 so there have been no excavations done. But … … there are sure…

  • There’s something thrilling about being out in a snow flurry

    There’s something thrilling about being out in a snow flurry

    Although Kirby doesn’t look too happy; but I think she is really. An amble over Carlton and Live Moors. Low cloud, not much to see or photograph. I wish you all the best possible Christmas, under these difficult circumstances.

  • Whorl Hill

    Whorl Hill

    I am on Live Moor and looking across to the conical hump of Whorl Hill, the glacial outlier that is a distinctive landmark on the western fringe of the Cleveland Hills. Behind me is the ditch and ramparts of the pre-historic promontory fort, so this is a view that our Iron Age ancestors would probably…

  • Glorious winter sunshine

    Glorious winter sunshine

    Today nature was in her calmer moods with snowdrops covering the woodland floor, the sun shining under a cloudless blue sky, giving a primaveral feel to the winter’s day. With the passing of high noon, basking in the warmth, the ‘keepers burning the heather try to hide the sun and raise the temperature still. Every…

  • Gold Hill, Faceby Bank and Whorl Hill

    Gold Hill, Faceby Bank and Whorl Hill

    A beautiful morning for a run along the escarpment to Knolls End and back via Thackdale. Surveying from left to right. Live Moor, peppered with Bronze Age features, barrows and field systems, was in the 19th-century common grazing for the villagers of Swainby who kept their donkeys used to carry coal and other goods. That…

  • On Faceby Bank

    On Faceby Bank

    There’s only a week or two of the purple haze so I have to make the most of the heather, providing some colour on a wet morning when the horizon is lost to the mist. The view is down to Swainby with wooded Whorl Hill on the right. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Round Barrow, Live Moor

    Round Barrow, Live Moor

    A new plaque has been fixed to a stone by the National Park asking visitors not to disturb the Bronze Age burial mound on Live Moor near Whorlton. Not to remove or add stones to the cairn. The custom has developed amongst walkers and ramblers to add a stone or two to piles of stones…

  • Live Moor and Whorlton Hill

    Live Moor and Whorlton Hill

    The low lying cloud was playing tricks this morning. Great Ayton, Stokesley: sunshine and blue skies. Carlton, just 4 kilometres down the road, dense fog obscuring the sun. Then, climbing up Carlton Bank into the sun again. Brilliant. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Live Moor

    Live Moor

    Setting off from Mount Grace Priory this morning I overtook plenty of walkers doing the Cleveland Way, all fresh from their overnight accomodation in Osmotherley. In fact the only person going the other way was this solitary walker on Live Moor about to climb  the few contours to its summit. To the right, hard to…