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  • In search of three wells

    In search of three wells

    There are many named features of the old Ordnance Survey maps which names no longer appear on the modern versions. I feel they must have been significant for the local farmers, gamekeepers and land agents to mention them when those early surveyors came knocking. I decided to check out three wells today on Scarth Wood…

  • Does Biodiversity Matter?

    Does Biodiversity Matter?

    ‘A moor that is well managed for grouse shooting is likely to have a higher biodiversity than an unmanaged moor.’ I came across this quote and the title on an activity sheet issued by the North York Moors National Park Education Service in conjunction with the Dawnay Estates and intended, I guess, for secondary school…

  • Holy Well Gill

    Holy Well Gill

    Another trip onto Whorlton Moor. Second time in three days. I’m always fascinated by Holy Well Gill, an outflow from the glacial lake of Scugdale. Just a bit damp at the thalweg, a German word for the line following the lowest points of a valley. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • “By, yon’s a sooth-east, piner, aa’reet!”

    “By, yon’s a sooth-east, piner, aa’reet!”

    To be honest the weather today hasn’t been the most conducive for the taking of photographs. A raw, bitter wind which does not take the trouble to go around you, but pierces right through to your very bones. No matter my layers of Polartec, gloves and a hat of the finest merino wool. ‘A lazy…