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  • The Snake Path

    The Snake Path

    What a change from yesterday. Blue skies and autumnal warmth. William Clough and the Ashop valley. William Clough, a notorious climb up to Ashop Head, the route of an ancient path from Hayfield to the Snake Inn. Yesterday’s post featured Ashop Clough, down which the Snake Path descends. On the 29th May 1897, an agreement…

  • Ashop Clough

    Ashop Clough

    A rather cloudy circuit of the Kinder Scout plateau with the clag briefly clearing on Fairbrook Naze to open up this view of Ashop Clough, a deep gorge down which the ancient path from Hayfield to the former Snake Inn passes. The aim had been to visit the newly recognised highest point of the plateau,…

  • The Mass Trespass, the Pennine Way, and some new Corona Restrictions

    The Mass Trespass, the Pennine Way, and some new Corona Restrictions

    The Kinder Scout Plateau is dotted with Gritstone boulders and rocks of all sizes that, over the ages, have been sculpted by the wind and the rain, many taking on animalistic shapes. This day marks the anniversaries of two important events in the history of access to the hills and mountains that we take for…

  • River Kinder

    River Kinder

    Some may have noticed I didn’t post yesterday. While Harrogate and the Yorkshire Dales were basking in sunshine watching the cycling world championships (this was Saturday!), 50 miles away, west of the Pennines, we were suffering twenty-four hours of torrential rain. I managed to take half a dozen photos with my phone of mist-covered hills…

  • Mermaid’s Pool

    Mermaid’s Pool

    Local legend says that a mermaid lives in this pond on the otherwise steep boulder strewn hillside below Kinder Downfall and tries to entice visitors into the water. Apparently several people have succumbed to her charms over the years. And if any refuse she’ll drag them into the depths. Of course all this is supposed…

  • Booth Sheepwash

    Booth Sheepwash

    In Booth, the tiniest of Derbyshire hamlets, near Hayfield. This sheepwash was constructed in the early 20th century to replace one lost during the construction of the Kinder Reservoir. The biannual sheep wash was a community affair with local farmers sharing the workload. Wives would provide sustenance with children joining the fun. In May the…

  • Kinder Valley

    Kinder Valley

    In the foothills of the Dark Peak looking up the Kinder valley towards the Downfall. The water is an arm of the Kinder Reservoir, built in the first decade of the 20th century to supply Stockport with a reliable supply of clean water. Open Space Web-Map builder Code