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  • A speeat o’ rain

    A speeat o’ rain

    In this month of showers, a spate — a heavy downpour in the Cleveland vernacular — situated somewhere in the vicinity of Great Broughton. I don’t suppose that ‘spate‘ found its place amidst the 40,000 entries of Dr Samuel Johnson’s seminal dictionary, published on this very day in 1755. The laborious compilation consumed nearly a…

  • 1874’s Graffiti: Dogs, a Fox, or a Pig on Broughton Bank

    1874’s Graffiti: Dogs, a Fox, or a Pig on Broughton Bank

    Today, I stumbled upon some Victorian graffiti – or should I say graffito? It depicts a duo of dogs, or perhaps a dog hot on the heels of a fox, or maybe even a pig in pursuit of a dog. The artistic merit of the second canine is up for debate. Dated with 1874, this…

  • Two villages: “Cherchbi” and “Broctune Magna”

    Two villages: “Cherchbi” and “Broctune Magna”

    It’s been a windy day on Cringle Moor, but the sky has been clear. The moving clouds created a beautiful display of shadows over the vale of Cleveland. I could see below me the villages of Kirkby-in-Cleveland and Great Broughton, both of which were mentioned in the Domesday Book. Kirkby-in-Cleveland was referred to as “Cherchbi”…

  • Nanny Newgill, the Broughton Witch

    Nanny Newgill, the Broughton Witch

    On a drizzly Cold Moor this morning I was reminded of one of Richard Blakeborough’s tales about a witch who lived at Broughton. That’s Great Broughton on the Cleveland plain below, just left of centre. The peak of Roseberry Topping is on the skyline just right of centre. Blakeborough’s story appeared in the Northern Weekly…

  • In search of prehistoric rock art

    In search of prehistoric rock art

    What a dreich morning. Low cloud meant it was a day not conducive for photography, so I went to look for some prehistoric rock art on Garfit Gap. Garfit Gap is the col between the Wainstones and Cold Moor and contains many boulders on which with rock art has been identified. Now I’ve looked for…

  • Holme Beck, Great Broughton

    Holme Beck, Great Broughton

    Or it may be Broughton Beck, so named on the Ordnance Survey map downstream. Upstream of the village, the map says Holme Beck. And closer to the Cleveland Hills where it tumbles down from its source below Donna Cross the watercourse is called Trows Beck. Three name changes in as many miles. The series of…

  • The Sheep Walk

    The Sheep Walk

    A view familiar to Cleveland Way Walkers and Coast to Coasters. Both long-distance trails pass through this gap between outcrops of rocks collectively known as The Wainstones. The climbers refer to the gap as the Sheep Walk, although sheep will need to resort to scrambling to climb it. A Danish chieftain was supposed to have…

  • Broughton Bank

    Broughton Bank

    Dull muted colours with a splash of vibrancy

  • White Hill

    White Hill

    White Hill, or perhaps better known as Hasty Bank, although I think that name actually refers to the Bilsdale side. Anyway the site of the 1872 landslip which wiped out the old Stokesley to Bilsdale road. I won’t repeat the history here, just refer you to my earlier post. Looking down on the Cleveland plain…