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  • Farndale Daffs

    Farndale Daffs

    Headed over into Farndale to see the famous native wild daffodils. I wonder if the huge crowds that trudged the short gravelled path beside the River Dove between Low Mill and Church Houses were as disappointed as me. Very patchy with large areas completely void of flowers. It’s said that the first bulbs were planted…

  • Where’s Arthur?

    Where’s Arthur?

    In July this year, for the first time since 2014, two hen harriers fledged from a nest in the Peak District. The two birds, one male and one female were both tagged by the RSPB. The male was given the name Arthur and his sister Octavia. Arthur hung around the Peak District for a few…

  • Farndale


    A quiet and peaceful Farndale, on an overcast morning. If the 1960s plan to flood the dale by the building of a reservoir had come to fruition this scene would have looked totally different. The plan to provide a source of drinking water for the cities of Hull and Sheffield would have covered 400 acres,…

  • CCTV operating

    CCTV operating

    The Inglorious 12th minus one, to borrow from the title of Mark Avery’s book. Tomorrow will mark the beginning of the annual slaughter on the moors. On Farndale Moor signs have gone up advising of CCTV monitoring. No matter I don’t own a horse¬†and have no intention of biking along the track, I find these…

  • Farndale


    Farndale, one of the quieter dales of the North York Moors. Except in the daffodil season. Five minutes later the rain came.

  • The Sad Tale of Sarkless Kitty

    The Sad Tale of Sarkless Kitty

    April, 1784 and Kitty Garthwaite, a domestic servant girl from Gillamoor, was meeting her lover, Herbert Longster¬†at Lowna in Farndale,¬†close¬†to the farm where she was employed and which was¬†Herbert’s father’s farm. It seems Kitty was pregnant¬†and previously, when first told,¬†Herbert had¬†refused to accept responsibility.¬†Herbert’s father wasn’t too happy also and had told Kitty to leave.¬†Herbert¬†must…