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  • Another magicial day

    Another magicial day

    The temperature inversion was not quite as dramatic as yesterday. But tomorrow is looking wet so best appreciate the day. The autumnal colours are particularly good this year with the fallowing of the oaks and beeches. Even the ubiquitous larch is looking splendid. I came across this old use of the word ‘fallow’ the other […]

  • “Demolished Oil Rig”

    “Demolished Oil Rig”

    The North York Moors Historic Environment Record describes these concrete foundations at Arnsgill Head as a “Demolished Oil Rig”. I think it is more likely to be the remains of a 1944 test borehole — no doubt financed by the anticipation of the eventual commercial exploitation of any resources found. The geological survey is hard […]

  • “Three Legs”

    “Three Legs”

    Prompted by the mention of Prod Howe a couple of days ago, I chose a revisit today. In the article referred to, a key rationalisation was the fact that Roseberry could be seen from it, and sure enough the hill was just peeping over the brow of the moor. I wouldn’t go as far as […]

  • In search of prehistoric rock art

    In search of prehistoric rock art

    What a dreich morning. Low cloud meant it was a day not conducive for photography, so I went to look for some prehistoric rock art on Garfit Gap. Garfit Gap is the col between the Wainstones and Cold Moor and contains many boulders on which with rock art has been identified. Now I’ve looked for […]

  • Ground hugging mist slowly dissipating as the day warms

    Ground hugging mist slowly dissipating as the day warms

    Roseberry was busy this morning. Along with the usual Sunday climbers, there was an abseil down the rock face going on and runners in the ‘Hanging Stone Leap‘ race. It was the 31st running of the event, although the inaugural race was run in 1988. So there’s been a bit of a gap. Today’s race […]

  • The Ghost of Hoggart’s Wood

    The Ghost of Hoggart’s Wood

    The Cleveland Hills once formed a intimidating barrier that kept the dales in isolation. Access was by steep unmade tracks, Turkey Nab, Clay Bank, Carlton Bank, Scarth Nick. Nowadays of course, (most of) these routes have been tarmaced and the internal combustion engine has made the climb so much easier. The route from Ingleby Greenhow […]

  • The Four Sisters

    The Four Sisters

    I am not sure who coined the term the ‘Four Sisters’ for the Cleveland hills of  Hasty Bank, Cold Moor, Cringle Moor and Carlton Moor. Maybe it was Martyn Hudson who used that term in his book ‘on blackamoor‘. They form a familiar view from the vale of Cleveland. From urban Teesside, the flattened aspect […]

  • The foxes are making coffee

    The foxes are making coffee

    Looking back as I topped Cliff Rigg this morning, I was reminded of my first crossing of the Lyke Wake Walk on 14 June 1969. We had left the trig. point on Scarth Wood Moor at 12:30 a.m., so was crossing the ‘four sisters’ of the Cleveland Hills in time for a 4 a.m. breakfast […]

  • View of Stokesley and the Cleveland Plain from Tom Gill

    View of Stokesley and the Cleveland Plain from Tom Gill

    I was minded to post a photo of Stokesley today, as on this day, 28th January, a Royalist army was raised in the town. If you didn’t know Stokesley is the built-up area far left in the photo. In a previous post, I wrote about the Battle of Marske Beach when, in the summer of […]

  • The smothered hills

    The smothered hills

    Rather strange atmospherics on the moors. On Great Ayton Moor, views were blurred, drifting in and out of clarity. While a flocculent duvet covered the Cleveland Hills. A short while later I encountered the Boxing Day Hunt, a village “tradition” that seems to be in its dying throes. Just a couple of redcoats and a […]