Far House

A long-abandoned farmstead on the west bank of the River Rye, in the manor of Arden. It was last occupied in the 1930s.

Although, it is named as Far House on the oldest Ordnance Survey maps the farm has been identified as previously being called Paddock Wath, a name which Bill Cowley records was still being used locally in the 1990s.

The name Paddock Wath first appears in a deed of 1625. This contained a listing of all the property Charles Tancred inherited, as Lord of the Manor, on the death of his father, Sir Henry Tancred.

Up to the 16th-century Ardenside was part of the land belonging to Arden Priory, a Benedictine nunnery that was sited where Arden Hall is today. It was not a particularly big priory; when Henry VIII dissolved it in 1536, it was just the Prioress, 6 nuns, and an elderly sister, together with about 20 servants. After the dissolution, the estate was acquired through various grants and sales by Sir Ralph Tancred.

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  1. Have been sketching ruins in Ryedale this summer and researching them, thus discovering your excellent archive and photos. I have tried over and over to source a copy of Bill Crowleys book Snilesworth without success. Any suggestions.?

    1. Sorry, Hazel, I can’t really help. I guess it was a private printing. I must have got it locally but can’t remember where.

      You could try eBay, you might get lucky.


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