When Roseberry Topping wears a cap …

You know the rest, I won’t bother repeating. So Cleveland didn’t have a clap, but a dreich day with proper rain. The first since this lockdown began.

Yet Odin’s hill heaved a sigh of relief. Relief that the woods of oak and moors are finally watered. Relief in the reduced visitor footfall, the all too familiar long procession to the summit.

Visitors that have already forgotten the government advised ochlophobia and reverted back to their British common sense. Visitors that had been forced by the closure of the parks in Middlesbrough and car parks at Pinchinthorp and Saltburn to congest in Newton village. Visitors with their inconsiderate car parking, antisocial behaviour, free for all cycling, fires, and the inevitable detritus.

Yet the army of volunteer litter picker-uppers has increased its ranks. Far more people are doing their best to keep Roseberry free of plastic bottles, baby wipes, and nappies and much worse, much worse: toilet paper and human excreta.

The good side of humanity.

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