Kirby Bank Trod

Part of a medieval pannierway connecting Rievaulx Abbey in Bilsdale with the River Tees. A major trade route, unique in North Yorkshire. Rievaulx had monastic granges at Normanby and Broughton supplying the needs of the abbey, and salt and fish were obtained from villages about the Tees estuary and along the coast. The route would have been well used by teams of up to forty packhorses, the juggernauts of their day. The trod at Kirby Bank consists of large flat sandstone flags or slabs, well worn through centuries of use, and is laid on a raised embankment to ease the gradient. The stone pillar shown in the photo is one of six remaining waymarks or guide posts. It has been used as a benchmark by the Ordnance Survey. The route today is a “Green Lane” and has become popular by off road enthusiasts. This has caused in irreparable damage and as a result the trod is now on the English Heritage Monuments At Risk list. A Traffic Regulation Order is being sought to restrict motorised vehicles from using the trod.

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