The Helm, Oxenholme

I have always thought of Oxenholme as just the railway station on the West Coast mainline with its junction to Windermere. In fact, it’s a small neat village of the outskirts of Kendal overlooked by a ridge of Open Access Land known as The Helm. I had a few hours to kill so I took the dog for a pootle up there. With a high point of 185m and just 2km long, it is not a big area but pleasant on a clear sunny day. There is a fair amount of interesting archaeology including Castle Steads, an iron age hill fort. The photo is looking north by north-east along the ridge from the hill fort, Kendal is on the left.

Interesting fact for the day but nothing to do with the photo. In 1752, the Gregorian Calendar was introduced into Britain thereby making the 3rd of September the 14th. Confused crowds rioted demanding, “Give us back our 11 days.”
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