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Lagopus lagopus

Ah, the “glorious twelfth”. Nothing much happening on Urra Moor, the cloud was down this morning so I assume any shooting planned would have been cancelled in any case. So this little fella survives another day. I spotted him along Carr Ridge on the edge of the escarpment clucking away. But high on Urra Moor where the cloud was densest, an eerie silence prevailed. Are there any grouse up here? Any life at all? The estates are predicting “good shooting” on the North York Moors this season. “Not as good as last year and with brood sizes being hit even on these sheltered Moors by the poor weather in early June”. I read today that the owners of UK grouse moor estates received a total of over £10 million in public farm subsidies last year. I calculate that would be enough to pay for over 400 nurses.

Just for the record, according to the “Who owns England” map, Urra Moor is owned by a consortium headed by Sir Richard Beckett, Baronet, QC and a non-executive director at Wetherspoons. The CAP payments for this estate are not known and hence not included in the £10 million quoted above.

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