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Drake Howe

At 435m Cringle Moor, or Cranimoor as Frank Elgee that local archaeologist, geologist and naturalist would have it, is the third highest hill in the North York Moors. Drake Howe adorns the summit. A large Early Bronze Age bowl barrow or burial mound, making it over 3,500 years old. Elgee suggests that the name Drake is derived from the Old Norse “draukr” meaning a spectre. On a 1926 map for the Feversham estate, the tumulus is referred to as “Odin’s Grave”.

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  1. Michael Wintersgill avatar
    Michael Wintersgill

    What is the second highest? Stony Ridge is 434m on O.S.Walker’s Map (2012) & Harvey’s Mountain Map (2011) and Cringle Moor reduced to 432m on the O.S. Walker’s Map. The good old tourist one inch map has Cringle Moor 1427 feet and Stony Ridge 1422 feet. Any thoughts Mick?

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