New artwork at Roseberry

Inspired by Leo Fitzmaurice’s installation at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, this artist prefers the anonymity in the style of Banksy. Here, he/she has captured a sense of clarity that is underpinned by a playful confusion, the essence of a mundane and familiar object in a way that makes us reconsider our assuming eyes. It is not clear to the many climbers of Odin’s hill whether the intent is for the installation to be permanent thereby adding to the entropy by re-shaping space and time.
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2 Replies to “New artwork at Roseberry”

  1. Mmm, I found a similar instillation this morning in a tree!! It was removed and hung onto the back of my car until be placed with others in an appropriate waste bin grrrr.

    1. Well done. Seems to be an increasing habit. Leaving doggie surprises by the path or in trees and picking up on the way back from a walk. But many aren’t, either routes are changed or just forgotten. But the good news is this one wasn’t there this morning.

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