Jenny Twigg and her daughter Tib

Ee, I love maps me. I happened to notice the name “Jenny Twigg and her daughter Tib” marked on the map of Fountains Earth Moor overlooking Nidderdale, and so I just had to suss them out. It turned out they were two gritstone towers carved by the wind and rain, on the edge of but isolated from Sypeland Crags. One is about 20 feet high and the other, presumably the daughter, about 5 feet shorter. I have read that Jenny Twiggy was supposedly the proprietress of an inn at Arkleside, over in neighbouring Coverdale.

When the bodies of three pedlars were found on the bleak Dead Man’s Hill between Arkleside and what is now Scar House Reservoir, a rumour began to spread that it was Jenny Twigg and her daughter, Tib, who were responsible for their murder.
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