I keep coming across a system of defining your GPS location using three random words, called unsurprisingly what3words. Someone has divided the world up into 3 x 3 metre square blocks, each one with a unique 3-word address. So here I am at

This does sound strange but then I am comfortable with latitude and longitude, 54.414058º, -1.151765º, and more so with the OS grid system even to 10 digits, NZ5514702399. Most parts of the world, however, do not recognise the OS Grid and some do not have even a street numbering system. Three words must be easier to remember than a string of digits.

Misspelling the words though may be problematic. If you ordered a pizza home delivery to you might be waiting some time. That address is Gyeonggi-do in Japan.

Translated my location is on Cold Moor looking to Hasty Bank.
Open Space Web-Map builder Code

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  1. I have started to promote this. Its useful for sending a taxi to a remote location where Lat LOng is too complicated.

    They have been clever and put similar words in different continents so your pizza delivery driver would realise something was wrong if he was directed to Japan.

    Looking to use some other ways as well.

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