A Green Goddess

Headed to Wheeldale Moor to look at the standing stone known as Blue Man-i’-th’-Moss but minded of a comment from my wife that this week has been rock week I diverted to seek out a goddess, a Green Goddess. During the hot dry summer of 1976, the North York Moors became tinder dry resulting in over 60 wildfires erupted covering an area of over 750 hectares on Wheeldale and the surrounding moors. Flued by peat and fanned by winds the fires burnt for weeks. Firemen worked all daylight hours trying to take control with extra fire engines on loan from the army. These army fire tenders were based on the Bedford truck and were affectionately known as Green Goddesses. One such engine became stuck in the peat and was eventually abandoned to be engulfed by the flames. The remains can be found a few hundred metres south-west of the Blue Man-i’-th’-Moss. I believe it was a Green Goddess that became met its fate that summer on Wheeldale Moor but the chassis does seem small to me. I wonder how much has been salvaged or removed by souvenir hunters. 34 years earlier another machine ended up on Wheeldale. On the night of 17/18th December 1942, a German Dornier Do217 aircraft crashed killing all of its crew. It was on a bombing mission to York. I kept my eyes open but without a precise grid reference, it’s a bit of a needle in a haystack.
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