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Month: January 2015

  • Ayton Banks Ironstone Mine

    Ayton Banks Ironstone Mine

    Of the three ironstone mines in the Great Ayton area, Ayton Banks Mine had the most difficult access. An aerial cableway had to be¬†constructed to carry the ore the 1¬Ĺ miles down to the North Eastern Railway.¬†The mine was in operation¬†for only sixteen¬†years, from 1910 to 1926. First¬†by the Tees Furnace Company¬†then Burton & Sons.…

  • Source of the Leven

    Source of the Leven

    Went searching for the spring marked on the OS map as the Source of the Leven on Warren Moor. This is the highest point water was flowing. Behind me was 50m of bog. The River Leven flows through the villages of Great Ayton, Stokesley and Hutton Rudby before discharging into the Tees just downstream of…

  • Wallington Hall

    Wallington Hall

    A National Trust property in Northumberland the first of its kind to be donated to the Trust.

  • Low Green, Great Ayton

    Low Green, Great Ayton

  • Heartbreak Hill

    Heartbreak Hill

    A dull, overcast day. Took a trip out to Slapewath to look at some fields known as Heartbreak Hill. Turned out the fields were¬†fairly nondescript and not very photogenic but they do have a bit of history which is worth recounting. The fields, to the left of the row of ex-miners cottages of Margrove Park…

  • Boundary Stone, Newton Moor

    Boundary Stone, Newton Moor

    With clear views to Guisborough and the North Sea beyond.

  • Plunge Pool at Lydiard Park

    Plunge Pool at Lydiard Park

    Cold bathing was fashionable in the 18c. George III was advised to do it by his doctors. It was said to cure madness, rickets, leprosy and asthma. This plunge pool at Lydiard Park dates from about 1820.

  • Lydiard Park

    Lydiard Park

    At a coaching conference in Swindon for the weekend. Nearby is Lydiard Park, a 260 acre park with a Palladian House. And a nice copse of beech trees.

  • Paddington Basin

    Paddington Basin

    Passing through London. After two hours of being a tourist I had had enough. Found this little oasis of tranquility. An offshoot of the Grand Union Canal.

  • Roseberry Common

    Roseberry Common

    Back on the NYM. But a damp day with poor visibility. My favourite tree.