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  • Tussock-Skipping and Bog-Trotting — Adventures in Rivelindale

    Tussock-Skipping and Bog-Trotting — Adventures in Rivelindale

    Today’s misadventure took me to a wide, flat valley flanked by low heather-clad moors. Sounds lovely, right? But Codhill Slack, or Rivelindale to use its Medieval name, has a bottom that is a boggy morass with plenty of standing water, thanks to yesterday’s heavy rain. In the distance are a couple of well-known landmarks. Highcliffe […]

  • Cleveland Way at Codhill Plantation

    Cleveland Way at Codhill Plantation

    Looking down the Cleveland Way towards the shallow col at the top of Codhill Slack or as Kendall referred to it as Bold Venture Channel. Percy Fry Kendall was Professor of Geology at the University of Leeds from 1904 to 1922 and investigated the glaciation of the North York Moors. He concluded that a lake […]

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    A Public Footpath is mapped between Percy Cross and Highcliffe Farm crossing the vast bog of Sleddale Slack or Rivelindale as referred to in old documents. It is a little used path but there has been some recent cutting of the heather at the Percy Cross end. Across the bog, however, no such luxury, a […]

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    240 years ago today, in 1778, Captain James Cook made landfall on the Hawaiian Islands, the first European to do so. Did he pass any thoughts about his younger life in the Cleveland Hills? It’s highly likely that there would have been snow on the moors on that day. England was gripped in the Little […]