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  • Greenside Mines, Glenridding

    Greenside Mines, Glenridding

    In the North East Lakes for the weekend and a wander up Raise. This is looking down on the scene of early lead mining operations which became known Greenside Mine. Mining began around 1690 where the galena vein was exposed at the surface. In 1822 the Greenside Mining Company was formed and more industrious excavation…

  • Greenside Mines

    Greenside Mines

    At Glenridding in the Lake District. A fine example of what man has done to the planet. Looking down Swart Beck through which would have stood the main mining complex. The green “field” on the left is the mining spoil, nicely reclaimed by still contaminated with arsenic and other heavy metals half a century after…

  • Lanty's Tarn

    Lanty's Tarn

    Lanty’s Tarn sits at the end of the ridge between the Grisedale and Glenridding valleys. It’s a natural tarn that has been enlarged with a concrete dam wall to provide a water supply to Patterdale Hall. There is some debate as to how the tarn was formed. One opinion is that the hollow which it…

  • Swart Beck

    Swart Beck

    In the Lakes for the week. This is Swart Beck, flowing through the ruins of Greenside Mine into Glenridding.

  • Glenridding


    In the Lakes for three days; supervising a DofE expedition. Hazy weather must be due all this continental air that we are supposed to have. This is looking down on Glenridding from the top of Lucy’s Tongue. There’s a g;impose of Ullswater in the distance.