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  • Sheaths


    It was the dry stone wall that first caught my eye. A wobbly wall. The two walkers are using the well constructed Cleveland Way to cross Scarth Wood Moor, a National Trust property given in 1937 by Major Herbert Peake and his son Capt. Osbert Peake, later to become the 1st Viscount Ingleby of Snilesworth.…

  • Sunshine over Danby

    Sunshine over Danby

    Over the Heads, heads in the clouds and Danby apricating far away. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Highcliff Gate

    Highcliff Gate

    It’s Yorkshire Day, a day when social media is full of memes saying “eeh by gum” and “ey up”. It seems appropriate then to have a photo of Yorkshire. A not too difficult a task and could be the within the old county of Yorkshire of course. This is Highcliff Gate, the low point between…

  • 12th December – a special day

    12th December – a special day

    For Herr and Fru Munch who would, in 1863, have been celebrating the birth of their first son, Edvard, who would in his time become Norway’s most famous painter; for Frank ‘old blue eyes’ Sinatra, who, in 1992, would have been celebrating his 77th birthday; and for Princess Anne who, on the same day, would…

  • Capt. Cook’s Monument on Easby Moor

    Capt. Cook’s Monument on Easby Moor

    The dry stone wall might appear ruined but it is still a significant boundary. It is the boundary between the parishes of Kildale and Easby (Stokesley). It separates Easby Moor and Coate Moor (or Court Moor to use its 19th-century name). And it marks the edge of the Open Access Land although there has always…

  • Snowstorm at Hagg’s Gate

    Snowstorm at Hagg’s Gate

    I was reminded today of a popular knick-knack of the 60s: a snow globe. A half dome of glass filled with water and snow confetti. Inside was a small scene, maybe including a reindeer or a Disney character. Given a shake, the scene would be transformed into a snowstorm. I am looking down through a…

  • Mystery wall

    Mystery wall

    Deep in the heart of Hutton Lowcross Wood, below the Hanging Stone, this wall of dressed sandstone is a bit of a mystery. It forms a small recess and seems to be on the same level as the old jet workings but these don’t usually have stonework associated with them being just small scale drifts into the…

  • Knag Burn Gate, Hadrians Wall

    Knag Burn Gate, Hadrians Wall

    A day on the wall near Housesteads.