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  • Easterside Hill

    Easterside Hill

    Lower Bilsdale and the distinctive bulk of Easterside Hill with its limestone cap dominating the confluence of the Rivers Septh and Rye. Seen from Ayton Bank on the edge of Rievaulx Moor on a dull overcast morning. Interestingly, a Dornier Do217 of the German Luftwaffe crashed into north end of Easterside Hill (to the right)…

  • Crosscliffe Beck

    Crosscliffe Beck

    A dreich day with a mantle of mist over the trees that persisted all day. Separating the great expanses of Forestry Commission planting of Dalby and Langdale, Crosscliff Beck rises near Blakey Topping eventually flowing into the River Derwent. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Rotten Scar

    Rotten Scar

    Last Sunday I posted a little question where was I when I took the photo. I thought the hill would be a giveaway but for once no one came close. Further back and a little bit higher on the edge of Urra Moor and Hasty Bank becomes more obvious. The valley is the top end…

  • Where have I been today?

    Where have I been today?

    A dreich day, so decided to do a little exploring. I’ve been into this lovely secluded little valley only once before, its name implying a broken rocky cliff but there seems an absence of bare rock. It appears a natural place to graze cattle, hidden away from passing travellers and prying eyes, hemmed in by…

  • Vale of Cleveland

    Vale of Cleveland

    I haven’t been up to Capt. Cook’s Monument for a while. Blue skies with the bracken heavy from overnight rain. This view across the flat, fertile Vale of Cleveland is from an abandoned sandstone quarry on Easby Moor. In the distance are the Cleveland Hills; Turkey Nab is on the left. Open Space Web-Map builder…

  • Newlands Valley

    Newlands Valley

    Newlands Beck meandering down the dale from its head below the appropriately named 753m high summit Dale Head. In the distance the prominent Causey Pike, a tortuous climb from this direction. The spoil heaps far left are from Goldscope Mine, one of the earliest mines in the area documented back to 1564, the year Shakespeare…

  • Chapel Stile, Great Langdale

    Chapel Stile, Great Langdale

    A scorching day in the Lakes. Folks at Langdale Gala swelter below. A very slight breeze up high. Another hot day awaits. A good time for the car to konk out. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Troutbeck Valley

    Troutbeck Valley

    What wonderful freedoms we enjoy having access to the hills and countryside enshrined in our Open Access legislation and Rights of Way system. The Scottish Access Code or Sweden’s Allemansrätt are, I admit, very enviable but we should treasure and protect our hard won rights to enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors. This…

  • Rivelingdale


    240 years ago today, in 1778, Captain James Cook made landfall on the Hawaiian Islands, the first European to do so. Did he pass any thoughts about his younger life in the Cleveland Hills? It’s highly likely that there would have been snow on the moors on that day. England was gripped in the Little…

  • Botton Head, site of a WW2 air crash

    Botton Head, site of a WW2 air crash

    Climbed Botton Head onto Greenhow Moor in search of the site of a WW2 air crash. On 21 October 1940 an Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk. V was returning to its base at RAF Linton on Ouse, just off the A19 north of York, from a raid on the Skoda factory in Czechoslovakia, crashing into the…