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  • Sunset from Cliff Rigg

    Sunset from Cliff Rigg

    A very wet run this morning over the Cleveland Hills. And after lunch, the sun came out. Blue skies. So I dragged the dog up to Cliff Rigg for the sunset. And she repaid me by thorough belching — I made that phrase up, inspired by the 18th-century expression of a ‘thorough-cough‘ which is coughing…

  • Sunset, Scaling Dam Reservoir

    Sunset, Scaling Dam Reservoir

    On this day in 1926, it was reported, most probably in the Darlington & Stockton Times: A VILLAGE FEUD – Insult from Stokesley Much heat has been engendered in Great Ayton by an utterance from Councillor Robert Armstrong. The councillor is one of Stokesley’s representatives on the Rural District Council. At a recent meeting of…

  • A bullfinch sky over Roseberry

    A bullfinch sky over Roseberry

    Perhaps not the best of sunsets but the crepuscule has always been a magical time. Throughout the millennia, man must have gazed upon the mesmerizing sky, reflecting on the day gone and the morrow to come. In Norfolk, a red-hued sunset was called a ‘bullfinch sky‘. I like that phrase but is it red enough…

  • Sunset over Eigg and Rùm

    Sunset over Eigg and Rùm

    A fitting finale to this year’s Scottish trip. Tomorrow we begin the journey south. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Bilsdale sunset

    Bilsdale sunset

    A twilight navigation event. Such a great evening to be out on the moors. And for today’s completely irrelevant fact, it was on this day in 1629 that the Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir John Finch, tried to adjourn the House of Commons on the orders of King Charles I. He was held…

  • Cumbrian Sunset

    Cumbrian Sunset

    A cracking end to the day after a windy climb this morning up Halls Ridge into the cloud. Not much of a view from the top of Blencathra and no hanging around. Came out of the mist on the zig-zags down Blease Fell to blue skies. Sunset was at 15.53 today so this is about…

  • Cracking sunset last night

    Cracking sunset last night

    Actually, the sun had already set. Half past ten! Parked up at Balnakeil Bay near Durness. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Capt. Cook’s Monument

    Capt. Cook’s Monument

    “In memory of the celebrated circumnavigator Captain James Cook F.R.S. A man of nautical knowledge inferior to none, in zeal prudence and energy, superior to most. Regardless of danger he opened an intercourse with the Friendly Isles and other parts of the Southern Hemisphere. He was born at Marton Oct. 27th 1728 and massacred at…

  • A crepuscular stroll on Great Ayton Moor

    A crepuscular stroll on Great Ayton Moor

    Another glorious Autumn day. Soon to change by the end of the week though. A north wind is forecast, and when that doth blow… But for now, the evening closes. The sun has sunk below the western horizon. The sky darkens. Where is Hesperus? Plenty of folks still out on the moor, on their vespertine…

  • Roseberry Sunset

    Roseberry Sunset

    Such a cracking sunset last night that I had another evening stroll. An online ephemeris tells me the sun will set at 269.4°, pretty close to due west. Not surprising when you think about it, just two days after the Autumn equinox. And it just so happens that Roseberry Topping is a smidgen off due…