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  • Ramsdale Stone Circle

    Ramsdale Stone Circle

    How many stones make a stone circle? These three standing stones on the appropriately named Standing Stones Rigg on Fylingdales Moor are known as the Ramsdale Stone Circle. Ramsdale being the name of a hamlet and a beck that eventually flows into the North Sea at Boggle Hole. It is not known if there were…

  • Cross ridge dyke, Skelderskew Moor

    Cross ridge dyke, Skelderskew Moor

    An evocative alignment of standing stones continuing down to North Ings Slack between Commondale and Skelderskew Moors. The stones are part of a dyke, an earth bank with a ditch dug alongside both of which have mellowed over time. The dyke extends for some half a kilometre from the Hob on the Hill boundary stone…

  • Carr Ridge and Hasty Bank

    Carr Ridge and Hasty Bank

    A menhir or standing stone on Urra Moor right next to the Cleveland Way. I suspect this stone has been erected in modern times simply because I can find no mention of it which I am sure there would be if it was indeed historically significant. As it is it gives a good foreground to…

  • Standing Stone, Glaisdale Swang

    Standing Stone, Glaisdale Swang

    Glaisdale Moor is scattered with standing stones. Most mark parish boundaries and tracks and are of dressed stone indicating a probable 17th-century date. In Glaisdale Swang, a boggy hollow draining north into Busco Beck, stands an isolated menhir which looks much older but has been largely ignored by antiquarians. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Clogh Oghaim

    Clogh Oghaim

    One of the sights I wanted to see in Ireland was an Ogham Stone. These are standing stones inscribed with a script of the Ogham alphabet. They are found throughout Ireland but are most numerous in the south-west. Many are found on private land and so are inaccessible to the general public. A large number…

  • Standing stone in Bransdale

    Standing stone in Bransdale

    An isolated standing stone in the middle of a small field. Could quite well be the exact centre. Unmarked on the map. I don’t think it’s an old gatepost, quite wide with no holes or ironmongery. So a bit of a mystery. At High Lidmoor in Bransdale. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Church Way, Ainthorpe Rigg

    Church Way, Ainthorpe Rigg

    I often find I visit a stretch of moor that I haven’t been to for years then, a short time later, I’m back on that very same moor. So it was today, I found myself back on Ainthorpe Rigg, and on the Old Hell Road, the old corpse road. This would have been the final…

  • Hob on the Hill cross ridge dyke

    Hob on the Hill cross ridge dyke

    The heather moorland between Commondale and Guisborough are among the quietest on the North York Moors yet it is rife with prehistoric remains, round burial barrows, ancient field systems and a cross ridge dyke marked by this alignment of standing stones. The dyke is a Middle Bronze Age earthwork, a little over 400m long and…

  • Little Blakey Howe

    Little Blakey Howe

    A bronze age burial mound, or “round barrow” on Blakey Ridge above Rosedale. The stone was erected as a boundary stone in the eighteenth century and is probably a reused standing stone of older antiquity. The contrails high amongst the cirrus clouds can be used as a navigation aid. “Contrails” is an American word, a…