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  • Botton Head

    Botton Head

    An obscure sandstone outcrop on Carr Ridge of Urra Moor, and overlooking to narrow north-facing valley of Ingleby Botton. The word Botton comes  from an Old Scandinavian word ‘Botn’ for a hollow or head of a valley of just this shape, rounded and flat-bottomed. The early surveyors of the Ordnance Survey must have misinterpreted the local […]

  • Cheese Stones

    Cheese Stones

    A recent Facebook posting mentioned a “font” on the Cheese Stones on Ingleby Moor. I was intrigued. It’s been a few years since I visited this sandstone outcrop but I had never heard of a rock-font. A little prompting revealed the information was found “on the web”, but the only reference I could find was […]

  • Rock outcrop on Great Hograh Moor

    Rock outcrop on Great Hograh Moor

    I’ve been wanting to try and find this rock outcrop for some time (a bit of intel from John, thanks). Armed with a grid reference, I parked at Hob Hole and climbed up to the Skinner Howe Cross Road on a wintry morning. The outcrop was easy to find, a large overhang which has been […]

  • Jenny Twigg and her daughter Tib

    Jenny Twigg and her daughter Tib

    Ee, I love maps me. I happened to notice the name “Jenny Twigg and her daughter Tib” marked on the map of Fountains Earth Moor overlooking Nidderdale, and so I just had to suss them out. It turned out they were two gritstone towers carved by the wind and rain, on the edge of but […]

  • Low Cable Stone

    Low Cable Stone

    Not the easiest of places to get to, hidden away overlooking Tripsdale Beck. No Public Right of Way passes close by. A gamekeeper’s track can be made use of but the final 400m is a heather bash over Collar Ridge. But it’s well worth the effort. Tom Scott Burns, the author of many books on […]