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  • Miners’ Bait Table

    Miners’ Bait Table

    Has it really been 50 years since the potash mine at Boulby was opened? If so, it was before my time, I was still at uni. I can’t ever remember it not being there. It was certainly controversial at the time. “… the classic battle between the beauty of a national park and the beast…

  • Monument Mine

    Monument Mine

    A wet day so keeping it close with an exploration of the ironstone mine below Capt. Cook’s Monument. Winter is the best time for viewing the remains, before the brambles and gorse run riot. The featured image is an overview of the site. It’s been taken from approximately above what would have been one of…

  • Belmont Ironstone Mine

    Belmont Ironstone Mine

    The drift entrance to the mine which operated between 1907-1931 although no ore was extracted after 1921. It has been deliberately blocked for public safety. The brick building behind is an electrical sub-station and probably dates from 1914 when an electric sirocco fan was installed to replace the old method of ventilation by lighting a…

  • Ingleby Manor Ironstone Mine

    Ingleby Manor Ironstone Mine

    Armed with a six-digit grid reference I have twice tried to locate the remains of the Ingleby Manor Ironstone Mine, and twice failed. The grid reference I obtained from the Catalogue of Cleveland Ironstone Mines by Peter Tuffs, the guru of local industrial archaeology. It was with trepidation then to discover it was to be…

  • Newlands Valley

    Newlands Valley

    Newlands Beck meandering down the dale from its head below the appropriately named 753m high summit Dale Head. In the distance the prominent Causey Pike, a tortuous climb from this direction. The spoil heaps far left are from Goldscope Mine, one of the earliest mines in the area documented back to 1564, the year Shakespeare…

  • Greenside Mines

    Greenside Mines

    At Glenridding in the Lake District. A fine example of what man has done to the planet. Looking down Swart Beck through which would have stood the main mining complex. The green “field” on the left is the mining spoil, nicely reclaimed by still contaminated with arsenic and other heavy metals half a century after…

  • Carrock Tungsten Mine

    Carrock Tungsten Mine

    A return visit to the ruins of the Carrock Tungsten Mine at the head of Mosedale in the Northern Fells. Last year’s photo is here, almost a year to the day since my last visit. The circular bin is a bouse team where the ore was stored. These remains in the foreground operated between 1906 to…

  • Caw Slate Mine

    Caw Slate Mine

    Fit for nothing today after yesterday’s exertions so I thought I would be justified in posting another photo from yesterday. This is Caw Slate Mine on the western slope of Caw, a 529m peak on the Coniston Fells. The view is north across the Duddon valley with Harter Fell the obvious peak left of centre.

  • Swart Beck

    Swart Beck

    In the Lakes for the week. This is Swart Beck, flowing through the ruins of Greenside Mine into Glenridding.