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  • Roseberry Common

    Roseberry Common

    More snow overnight. To use Scottish terms: a ‘fyoonach‘ or a light fall, just enough to cover the ground. By the afternoon, a ‘murg‘ or a heavy fall, ‘skelves‘,  large flakes of snow. And in the evening, with a temperature rise, rain. Changing weather then. Appropriate for January perhaps. January, named after Janus, the Roman god…

  • Larch Roses

    Larch Roses

    A common name for the female flowers of the European larch tree. The male flowers are clusters of yellow anthers which form on the underside of shoots. Pollination is by the wind after which the roses ripen into the familiar brown cones containing the seeds which dispersed by the wind. The larch is now firmly…

  • Tarn Hows

    Tarn Hows

    The National Trust has been doing a lot of felling on their Tarn Hows property opening up new vistas but this is a small consolation for the change in the character of the tarn and woods from an iconic Lakeland wooded tarn to an area resembling the aftermath of a Tunguska event. The felling is…

  • Sleepy larch

    Sleepy larch

    On the col at Roseberry Common. The larch looks windswept and battered. I wonder if it were a young sapling in 1904 for it was on this day (7th January) in that year that the radiotelegraph company Marconi introduced its new distress signal, ‘CQD’, CQ standing for ‘seek you’, and D for ‘danger’. This was…

  • The Folly and the Banana Tree

    The Folly and the Banana Tree

    The mysterious sandstone building below Roseberry Topping. Most likely a folly built to enhance the landscape. But no one knows for sure. And the Banana Tree as it is affectionately known by children. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • The Banana Tree

    The Banana Tree

    My first camera was a simple Kodak but sometime in my teens I was given, for a Xmas present, a SLR (single lens reflex) camera made by the German manufacturer Praktica. Colour film was far too expensive so I tinkered around with developing my own monochrome film in the bathroom. I experimented with filters of various shades but my favourite…