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  • Two bridges over the Tees

    Two bridges over the Tees

    Until the building of the Tees Barrage towards the end of the 20th century, the River Tees was still tidal at Yarm. A wooden bridge existed in the 13th century and was replaced by a stone one in about 1500 thus ensuring Yarm became a strategic crossing point of the river and ensured the development…

  • New bridge over Cod Beck

    New bridge over Cod Beck

    It was supposed to be ready for the October half term, last year. But, better late than never, I was pleased to see the bridge in use. I understood the idea was to produce a wheelchair accessible route around Cod Beck Reservoir but the installed kissing gate looks to me to be too narrow. Maybe…

  • Viator’s Bridge and the River Dove

    Viator’s Bridge and the River Dove

    The White Peak is the name given to the southern half of the Peak District, because of its predominate limestone geology and also by comparison with the millstone grit northern half of the Dark Peak. During the last ice age, deep running north-south gorges were cut in the limestone plateau by the runoff of glacial…

  • Dibble Bridge

    Dibble Bridge

    Spanning the Esk, a mile west of Castleton is the 18th century Dibble Bridge. Built of local sandstone, the bridge has been designated a Grade II listing “building” by Historic England. The name, however, indicates a much older crossing of the river for the etymologists tell us the name has Old Engilsh roots. Deop means…

  • Ayton Mines Memorial Bridge

    Ayton Mines Memorial Bridge

    During a brief break in the weather a chance to photograph a swollen River Leven below the Ayton Mines Memorial Bridge near Suggits. The footbridge was erected as a memorial to the five workers of Ayton Mines who lost their lives during the 1914-1918 war: From the 4th Battalion, Alexandra Princess of Wales’s Own (Yorkshire)…

  • Rathmell Beck

    Rathmell Beck

    A lovely little footbridge over a lovely little stream, a tributary of the River Ribble in the Yorkshire district of Craven. The name Rathmell probably drives from the Old Norse rauðr meaning red and melr meaning a sandbank. No doubt referring to a sandbank which once existed on the floodplain of the Ribble between the…

  • Lealholm Bridge

    Lealholm Bridge

    Early 19th-century stone bridge spanning the River Esk at the picturesque village of Lealholm. Grade II listed, it must have replaced an earlier bridge for The Board Inn on the opposite is a former coaching inn dating from 1742 when the building was known as Lealholm Bridge House. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • Gatesgarth Bridge

    Gatesgarth Bridge

    A wet day in the Lakes and a trip up to Dale Head didn’t produce anything photogenic. Gatesgarth Bridge at the bottom of Honistor Pass on the Buttermere side reminds me of an earlier visit. October 2008 and I was sitting in my VW Polo at almost the same spot watching the water in Gatesgarthdale…

  • River Trent

    River Trent

    In Nottingham this morning, the city where I was born and grew up. Went for an early run along the Trent. Lots of others doing the same. Plus rowers. Very pleasant but so much tarmac.

  • Girsby Bridge

    Girsby Bridge

    Out with the local running club. Usually full use is made of the moors but tonight headed for the Tees valley. The River Tees was crossed over this bridge at Girsby. The bridge is cast iron trestle construction with wrought iron girders. A simple stone is inscribed: “Bridle Bridge | Erected by Theophania Blackett 1870 |…