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  • Boundary Stone, Hambleton End

    Boundary Stone, Hambleton End

    Boundary Stone on Black Hambleton in the Tabular Hills.

  • Eskdale’s stolen water

    Eskdale’s stolen water

    The sandstone boundary stone on the left is inscribed “RC” the initials of Robert Chaloner, the 19th-century landowner and lord of the manor of Guisborough, but it is the waterlogged ditch in front which took my interest today. Mapped as “The Race” it is a leat semi-circumventing Hutton Moor, capturing the water runoff from draining…

  • Boundary Stone, Great Ayton Moor

    Boundary Stone, Great Ayton Moor

    Sorry but I just couldn’t resist another photo of the purple swathe of a heather moor. The ling is now in full bloom and for just a few weeks the colour is glorious. Highcliff Nab is in the distance and in the foreground is a sandstone boundary marker dating from the 19th century. ‘R C’…

  • White Cross

    White Cross

    You might be forgiven for thinking that White Cross is so named because it is white but the whitewashing has been carried out by all the boundary stones of the Dawnay Estate. The stone post is actually 19th century sandstone but the limestone base is much older probably medieval. The original Christian cross now resides in…

  • Red Stone

    Red Stone

    The rainbow portends a squall. It’s easy to forget winter is approaching. This boundary stone on Greenhow Moor looks 18th century, marking the limit of the Feversham Estate. Now is it the ‘Red Stone’ that’s marked on the 1857 Ordnance Survey map? The location is about right but this stone doesn’t look significant enough to warrant a…

  • Urra Moor

    Urra Moor

    A drab misty start to the week with rain threatening. The boundary stones across Urra Moor probably mark the limit of the Feversham estate. Bilsdale below is only just visible.

  • Castleton Rigg

    Castleton Rigg

    I heard yesterday that a new sculpture is being planned to be erected on Castleton Rigg over looking Westerdale. I just had to have a look at the place so I made that my mission for the day. Castleton Rigg is a long finger of prime grouse moorland separating Westerdale with Danby Dale. It is not walked…

  • Little Blakey Howe

    Little Blakey Howe

    A bronze age burial mound, or “round barrow” on Blakey Ridge above Rosedale. The stone was erected as a boundary stone in the eighteenth century and is probably a reused standing stone of older antiquity. The contrails high amongst the cirrus clouds can be used as a navigation aid. “Contrails” is an American word, a…

  • Hob Cross, Tidkinhow Head

    Hob Cross, Tidkinhow Head

    Situated on the ancient route from Guisborough Priory to Whitby Abbey, this boundary stone probably stood on the site of a medieval way marker or cross. It’s inscribed with the date 1798 marking the boundary of the estate of Robert Chaloner. Today it’s the boundary of Guisborough and Lockwood parishes. The 1.9m high stone is…

  • Boundary Stone, Newton Moor

    Boundary Stone, Newton Moor

    With clear views to Guisborough and the North Sea beyond.