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  • Bell heather – the most beautiful of the heathers

    Bell heather – the most beautiful of the heathers

    This day, in 1940, is officially recognised as the start of the Battle of Britain, a fight for control of the skies that would begin the German bombing campaign known as the Blitz. A bombing campaign against British cities was not unforeseen.  Before the war, the Chamberlain government feared deadly raids by the German Luftwaffe, […]

  • Bell heather

    Bell heather

    The North York Moors contains the largest continuous tract of upland heather moorland in England and are renown for their display in the late summer of heather. Swathes of the lilac Ling or Calluna vulgaris cover the moors for a brief period in August. There is another heather, which is a much richer purple colour […]

  • Bell heather, Danby Rigg

    Bell heather, Danby Rigg

    The first of the heathers are out. Bell heather, such a deep rich colour, my favourite. Ling, which will cover the moors by August is much lighter, more of a lilac. The third type of heather found on the moors is Cross-leaved heath with pale pink flowers. The ditch on the right is part of […]