Millstone, Park Nab


This is a bit of a mystery. In Kildale just off the Baysdale road, it’s a lump of sandstone that has obviously been dressed to the shape of a circle, a good two paces in diameter, maybe five foot, and eight inches thick. (I don’t carry a tape measure around with me so only guessing.)
I can only find one mention on the internet where it’s referred to as an unfinished millstone. I’m not so sure. I’ve seen unfinished millstones at Stanage in the Peak District and this is much larger. Maybe twice the diameter. It’ll be a hell of a job to move. The nearest quarry is 200m away, downhill, so I guess this stone is in the same place as it was left when the glaciers retreated. It’s sitting on three smaller boulders like a three legged table. It would be a tight squeeze but a small person could possibly bivvy underneath.
Can anyone shed some light. I am intrigued.