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  • View from the Cheshire Stone

    View from the Cheshire Stone

    And a fine view it is on a lovely morning. So easy to pooh-pooh the dire weather forecast. The large basin on the flat sandstone top does not look natural but no doubt it is. And judging by the rate of erosion of prehistoric rock art on sandstone boulders elsewhere on the North York Moors…

  • Carr Ridge

    Carr Ridge

    A lovely summer’s evening. Nicely cooling off. On Carr Ridge on Urra Moor. The Public Bridleway down Jackson’s Bank passes between a pair of flat stones, an obvious landmark, which surprisingly are un-named. roseberry is somewhere on the horizon. Open Space Web-Map builder Code

  • The vernal equinox

    The vernal equinox

    Today is the vernal or spring equinox, the astronomical start of spring when the length of day and night are equal. The word equinox, in fact, comes from the Latin meaning equal night. Astronomically, the equinox occurs when the sun crosses the celestial equator, an imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator, which…

  • Urra Moor

    Urra Moor

    It was very peaceful on Urra Moor today, once I had cleared the sound of a shoot in upper Bilsdale. Blue sky, puddles frozen, no wind, all quiet except for the occasional ka, ke, ke, ke, ke, kekekerrr of a grouse taking flight. But then a group of motorcyclists spoilt the atmosphere. Being on a…

  • The Cheshire Stone

    The Cheshire Stone

    Another wet morning left me dithering to go out but by lunch time the sun was breaking through.¬†Even on the Cleveland Hills I am always amazed to discover¬†new places and vistas. I was browsing the 1853 Ordnance Survey 6″ map when I spotted the¬†name Cheshire Stone on the edge of Urra Moor overlooking Bilsdale. To…

  • Urra Moor

    Urra Moor

    A drab misty start to the week with rain threatening. The boundary stones across Urra Moor probably mark the limit of the Feversham estate. Bilsdale below is only just visible.

  • Hasty Bank

    Hasty Bank

    A view west from Carr Ridge towards Hasty Bank. Whether the gulley¬†is natural or man made, a holloway¬†¬†created by the centuries of use, is uncertain. ¬†The track is certainly of antinquity, an old¬†way called¬†Haggesgate which linked the market town of Stokesley to the Thurkilsti road heading south along Bransdale Rigg to Welburn.¬†In parts of Yorkshire,…

  • Swaledale sheep, Bilsdale

    Swaledale sheep, Bilsdale

    At least I think these¬†are Black Faced sheep, one of the¬†traditional breeds¬†of the Northern hills. Other contenders could be Swaledales¬†and Rough Fells. Quite frankly after looking at scores of photos on Google they all begin to look the same. All three are found on the North York Moors¬†and all¬†are said to be descended from a…

  • Carr Ridge

    Carr Ridge

    On  Urra Moor. Poor visibility all day. Dug the skis out the loft so sans le chien which meant the local sheep were more cooperative.