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Author: Fhithich

  • High Green, Great Ayton

    High Green, Great Ayton

    Walked into the village this morning. Felt like spring.

  • Ingleby Incline

    Ingleby Incline

    Ingleby Incline, the familiar diagonal scar climbing the Cleveland Hills, was in operation between 1861 and 1929 and connected the North Eastern Railway at Battersby with the ironstone mines in Rosedale. It was a self acting incline, that is loaded wagons pulled descending under gravity pulled up empty wagons. Both rakes of wagons controlled by a […]

  • Chalybeate Stream

    Chalybeate Stream

    Orienteering today, at a small wood called Hutton Mulgrave just off the moors road to Whitby. It shows how serious I take orienteering nowadays as I carry my camera around – just in case. Before the 2nd control I had to cross this stream; called Eller Beck I discovered later from the OS map. The […]

  • Guisborough from Cliff Wood

    Guisborough from Cliff Wood

    One for the Guisborough ex-patriots. From the top of an old spoil heap from Belmont Ironstone Mine. The metal stanchions supported a ropeway used to haul the spoil up from the mine entrance near Hunter Hill Farm. This mine was owned by Bolchow, Vaughan and Company and operated from 1907 to 1921. In the eighties this […]

  • Roseberry from Ryston Bank

    Roseberry from Ryston Bank

    After yesterday’s Victor Meldew posting I felt the need to post something more pleasanter. Until not so long ago this view of Roseberry from the north east would not have been possible. The hillside as far as the fence that can just be made out beyond the crag was blanketed in forestry. It has since been cleared felled […]

  • Cliffs below Cowbar Lane

    Cliffs below Cowbar Lane

    Had a pleasant walk along the coast from Easington through Staithes and Port Mulgrave before heading back inland through Roxby. It was somewhat marred by the sight of fly tipping over the cliffs at Cowbar Lane near Staithes. This is a National Park. Staithes is one of the Park’s honeypots. It is on the Cleveland Way, […]

  • Steam at Battersby

    Steam at Battersby

    A few times a year preserved steam engines use the Esk Valley railway on the way to the North York Moors Railway at Goathland. Locos are frequently hired or loaned between the country’s preserved railways. At Battersby Junction station trains from Middlesbrough have to reverse out to continue to Whitby; and vice versa. That’s no problem […]

  • Easby Moor

    Easby Moor

    Easby Moor is perhaps better known as the moor where Capt.Cooks Monument stands. Most visitors climb straight to the summit unaware of the drama which happened where this photo was taken just a couple of hundred metres north west of the it. The winter of 1940 was particularly bad. Snow, sleet and freezing fog lasted most of January and into February. At 4:10 […]

  • Dunstanburgh Castle

    Dunstanburgh Castle

    Another day, another castle. Dunstanburgh is 14th century, built by Thomas of Lancaster who was executed and the property forfeited to the Crown. Its been a ruin since the 1500s and today is a national trust property.

  • Bamburgh Castle

    Bamburgh Castle

    Staying on a farm about two kilometres from Bamburgh. The castle dominated the skyline. So after dinner decided to get a bit closer. Ended up underneath it. Parts of the castle date from the Norman times but underwent major expansion under Henry II. The castle boasts excellent air quality as there is no industry nearby. The same can’t be […]