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  • Calcining Kilns, Rosedale East Mines

    Calcining Kilns, Rosedale East Mines

    A bit of a dilemma. Parked at the Lion Inn and went for a circuit of Rosedale with visibility less than the width of the road and the temperature below 10Âșc. And so it remained until tea time when the mist finally cleared and the sun came out. But by that time I was comfortably back home. Rosedale was […]

  • May Blossom

    May Blossom

    In Nottingham in the early 60s I remember me mam saying “naer cast a clout till May is out” to me when I tried to go out in the Spring without my duffle coat or string vest. I thought, and I think me mam thought too, that “may” referred to the month of May but it really […]

  • Bransdale Mill

    Bransdale Mill

    There has reportedly been a water mill on this spot alongside Hodge Beck since the late 13th century. The present building was built by William Strickland in 1811 increasing the capacity with the addition of a 16 foot overshot water wheel. A window lintel gives a date of rebuilding of 1842. It had been substantially […]

  • Male Fern

    Male Fern

    A wet miserable day with low cloud hiding any views of the hills so my attention had to be closer to my feet. In Newton Woods the bluebells have gone off the boil. Their vivid blues have paled and the bracken fronds overtaken them. But less prevalent than bracken are clumps of ferns. Now I’m […]

  • Roseberry Romp

    Roseberry Romp

    Runners negotiating the rocks on Roseberry summit in the annual Roseberry Romp, a 5 mile race involving 320m of climb. The race is organised by the National Trust and generally follows paths around the perimeter of the property including a climb up to the summit. Roseberry Topping is owned by the National Trust. The 320m […]

  • Belmont Ironstone Mine

    Belmont Ironstone Mine

    Why is it that runners always think of biking as an easy option? An active rest day. My own bike ride today enabled me to get into Guisborough Woods which looked green and lush with vicious nettles on the floor and the sycamores not yet dense enough to keep out the light. I was surprised to […]

  • Esklets


    Esklets, the source of the River Esk, at the confluence of three streams. Perhaps once the most remotest farmstead in the whole of the North York Moors. But the last farmer left in the 1960s and the farmhouse demolished. The rubble slowly becoming lost in the undergrowth. Just a few broken roof tiles and shards […]

  • View from The Wainstones

    View from The Wainstones

    As the early morning clouds swirled around the tops of the Cleveland Hills the ubiquitous yellow fields of rapeseed dominated the view onto the plain below. Rapeseed was originally only grown for machine oil as it was too bitter for human consumption but new strains developed in the 70s made the oil more palatable. In […]

  • Old Peak, Ravenscar

    Old Peak, Ravenscar

    A day spent helping the National Trust install new steps on badly eroded sections of the steep path down to the “beach” at Ravenscar. There are no sands on the beach just a tumbled collection of rocks that are only dry at low tide but are a playground for the herd of seals that can […]

  • Swaledale sheep, Bilsdale

    Swaledale sheep, Bilsdale

    At least I think these are Black Faced sheep, one of the traditional breeds of the Northern hills. Other contenders could be Swaledales and Rough Fells. Quite frankly after looking at scores of photos on Google they all begin to look the same. All three are found on the North York Moors and all are said to be descended from a […]