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  • High Bousdale from Roseberry

    High Bousdale from Roseberry

    A view from the summit of Roseberry Topping towards Guisborough down the forested valley of High Bousdale, between Bousdale Hill and Ryston Bank with the Hanging Stone at its nab. High Bousdale was once contemplated as a means of access to the ironstone holdings below Roseberry. There would have been an incline from the Middlesbrough […]

  • Ornamental Gateposts, Pinchinthorpe Hall

    Ornamental Gateposts, Pinchinthorpe Hall

    Probably dating from the mid-17th-century when the hall old manor house was rebuilt. Since then it has been much extended and altered. In recent years Pinchinthorpe Hall has undergone many changes in use, from a country residence to a hotel and restaurant, a brewery, and another restaurant which is now closed but a reopening is […]

  • Kirby Bank

    Kirby Bank

    Crossing Emerson’s fence on the climb up Kirby Bank from the Scout camp. I have already posted about the history of this fence before. A posting which although only from May this year, I had completely forgotten about. The fenceline was created as the result of a legal dispute in 1854 over potential ironstone mining […]

  • Course of the old Middlesbrough and Guisborough Railway

    Course of the old Middlesbrough and Guisborough Railway

    The Pinchinthorpe Walkway and Visitor Centre, on the route of the old Middlesbrough and Guisborough Railway. The carriage is not authentic and is a recent purchase for use as an outdoor classroom. The Middlesbrough and Guisborough Railway was built in 1853 to serve the ironstone mines at Codhill owned by Joseph Whitwell Pease, a leading […]

  • Brundholme Lead Mine

    Brundholme Lead Mine

    Glenderaterra Beck, a tributary of the River Greta, flows between the massifs of Skiddaw and Blencathra. Waking up to rain and cloud covering the high fells, I explored the mine workings alongside the beck. The ruins tell of a history of hope, hardship and disappointment. Work first began at the Brundholme Mine in 1872 but […]

  • Aireyholme Lane

    Aireyholme Lane

    Aireyholme Farm from the south-eastern flank of Roseberry with the Cleveland Hills in the distance. The view is looking down Aireyholme Lane with the course of the old narrow-gauge tramway from the Roseberry Ironstone Mine to its left. Just before the tree, the tramway took a sharp right and headed across the fields to the […]

  • Badbea


    I’ve seen before the deserted black houses of communities in fertile straths that were cleared by absentee landlords to make way for vast sheep farms. I had thought the villagers were often provided with a small croft on the east coast in towns such as Wick and left to make a living from the sea. […]

  • Battle of Dunbar 1650

    Battle of Dunbar 1650

    Some of you might remember, but, in 2013, work was stopped on the construction of the new café at Palace Green Library between Durham Cathedral and Durham Castle when human remains were found, tightly packed in two mass graves. It was probably on the local news but when it was released that the bodies were, […]