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Blacksmith's Forge, Chop Gate

A single storey sandstone building with date 0f 1826 on the door lintol. It underwent¬†restoration in 2008 after a gable had collapsed in storms the previous year. It is unused but still contains the original functionality although the beehive-shaped firehood was destroyed by¬†the collapse. The building contains element of an earlier construction indeed a 1781 map shows¬†a blacksmith’s shop. It was last used in the 1940s.

The village of Chop Gate is on the B1257 between Stokesley and Helmsley¬†and¬†is pronounced ‘Chop Yat’. On the left¬†of the photo is the Buck Inn which incidentally is also shown on the 1781 map but recorded as Baker’s¬†coffee house and garden.






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