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A former inn on the Hambleton Street, an ancient drove road linking Scotland with the south of England. Ancient man generally stuck to high ridges where he could. Low level routes would have been boggy, wooded and less safe. Cattle would be driven from Scotland to markets at Malton and York. A various locations they would be rested and fattened up before proceeding on the next leg or to market. The Chequers Inn was one such point.

The advent of the railways brought about the decline of the Drovers. Cattle could be killed locally and transported by train to the demanding cities of England.

The Chequers Inn continued in use as a farm; at one time selling teas and cakes. It now seems to be just residential but the old inn sign is still outside; a chequer board with the inscription:

Be not in haste; Step in and taste;

Good ale for nothing – tomorrow.





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