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The PM’s Gaffe — Reflections on a Wet Morning Walk

The morning walk began with a dreary wetness, and soon I found myself struggling through an encroaching jungle of bracken.

I also began musing on the nature of television in my youth; this is in light of our esteemed Prime Minister’s blunder last week. I recalled a friend’s parents acquiring a colour television set. The colours were dreadful, and you had to adjust the brightness and contrast with sliding controls. Tuning required a dial, and, if the picture went fuzzy, you often resorted to slapping the top of the set. Nonetheless, I was mesmerised, even by the likes of “Coronation Street.”

Our own set was a black and white one rented from Redifusion, which my Dad claimed was “the latest model.” Its control box was fixed to the wall behind the sofa. You could turn the dial to access all three channels and radio — the Home Service and the Light Programme.

How might I have answered the question posed by the interviewer? What had I missed out on?

I can honestly say that had a contented childhood and never felt deprived, though undoubtedly the wealthier had luxuries we did not. But if you don’t know what you’re missing …






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